गुरुवार, 15 अप्रैल 2010

Red Solution of green hunt

By- Sonu Upadhyay
Operation green hunt has become a red signal for a solution of Naxawad. Government is in dilemma. Chidambaram is playing Resigning drama and Sardar of government is arranging meeting in a/c chamber with army chief. This is the story of solution part of naxalwad
How ever 6 April 2010 has been a worst day of country. 75 Jawan has been killed in chhatisgadh in Dantewada. This was the first time ever in country that naxali crossed there limit and created violence on a huge Laval in last 30 to 40 year. This attack has made naxlism the center point of politics. Home ministry is shocked and searching solution for internal security.
But there is a lots of changes can be seen in politics after this naxali war. This time this is the first chance for public of India who is looking political unity. Party is giving same statement. They are cool and in spite of blemming to each other they are supporting government. BJP has shown full sport to congress and left is red and first time become white with congress.
There has been the draw back of our system that some people of our society they do not believe in government and democracy, And even they have started war against the system but after happning of all government is not even thinking about this matter. government is sleeping scence last 15 to 20 year. man thing is that these people which is called naxli They have challenged to Indian government that there will be reign of naxali till 2050 at country. we can see and learn from all this thing that this type of statement shows that the preparation of naxalist is contnunig increasing and there confidence about it has so highly. Today on the sensitive matter of naxalism our political parties are playing game and taking side on that serious matter. After lal gahati incident why Chidambaram never took serious step towards solution of this problem and even today all parties are making same statememt this is showing that they all not have any planning to fight from naxalism.
On any terrorist attack BJP and other parties always condemned and blamed to current government and shouted for internal security. And now all is well and naxali problem for all same.. But question is that who will take responsibility of this naxali problem.
Parties Saying that this is the matter of nation, s security and safety. naxaliam is the danger for our country ? but can we ask from them that what is there attitude for terrorism? Defiantly all parties is in preishar of industrialists and capitalist who are going to invest there money in naxl affected aria. if parties will sport to naxli government will loose election and even will not be able to take chanda from these so called businessmen.
This the big Truth is that parties and government are making fool to public and poor people in name of green hunt and handling naxalwad. This is the wonder that in a last 10 to 15 year naxali has covered all part of 8 state of country and till now not a single leader or not any mediator has been sent by state government and central government to talk from naxali. Wonder is That , that a senior naxali leader coteshwar rao proposed to government for table talk but a/c minister Chidambaram failed to make is success.
big thing is that all social worker is silent on that matter. Medha Patkar, Aruna rai. Anna Hzzare, Rajedra Singh and. Artist. Writers . intellectuals and other deferent personality has shut there mouth on that topic. Why these people not talking to naxalist and inviting to naxli for conversation.Why Manmohan Singh is not directly involving in this matter. Why Communication has been put on hold on this sensitive issue .
Truth is that, silent and violence never can be solution of any problem. If India need to sort out that problem government will have to come on table other wise green hunt will create red blood and this red blood will spread in the heart of public and then there will be no any need to Chidambaram to resin because when naxli will decide that who will be the home minister of India, Same like Nepal.